Body Mind Healing | Integratieve Psychotherapie & Complementaire Geneeskunde
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I consider an Integrative therapy as a combination of many well-functioning forms of therapy, all very short-term recovery which offer people the desirable status.

I have experience in working with very different symptoms and problems such as:

stress, burn out, personality disorders, behavioral disorders, psychosomatic complaints, depression, anxiety and panic symptoms, sexual abuse, posttraumatic stress, unresolved grief or other loss experiences, eating disorders, craving and compulsion symptoms, relationship and sexual problems, self-injurious behavior, lack of identity, “I weakness”,


You can expect lots of care and guidance in the form of a large number of techniques and methods for your treatment. I would like to offer you my experience and skills in combination of different training courses.

MY HEART, BRAIN, SPIRIT, SOUL and HANDS – are my main working tools.