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Atlas Vertebra the hidden cause of several aliments


The first cervical vertebra, called Atlas or C1, plays a primary role in the spine.

A malfunction located in that area might have a “domino” effect on the entire musculoskeletal system, the circulatory and the nervous systems, by creating imbalances and dysfunctions in various parts of the body. These malfunctions might turn, over time, into serious health problems: the body is no longer able to function the way it could and should. Quality of life proves to be seriously compromised, even though no clear-cut organic cause might be identified and diagnosed.

In this video, you will discover all that you should know about correcting the first cervical vertebra, and you will come to know the reasons why it is so important to have an aligned Atlas.

Facts you should know about misalignment of the Atlas vertebra

The trauma of childbirth creates in many infants a permanent misalignment of the Atlas (first cervical vertebra) and sometimes also of the Axis (second cervical vertebra).

Following traumas, such as: whiplashes, falls, intubation during surgery under total anaesthesia, can cause or worsen the misalignment of the Atlas and of the vertebrae below it.

It has been found that misalignment of the Atlas is responsible for a number of disorders and conditions at both the physical and mental level.

Conventional medicine does not consider misalignment of the Atlas vertebra a possible cause of disorders in the patient. As a result this problem generally goes undiagnosed.

Failure to diagnose the problem is due to the fact that misalignment of the Atlas does not show up in regular X-rays or magnetic-resonance imaging.

A multi-slice helical CT scan allows misalignment to be detected clearly and measured, but only if the radiologist specifically sets up the device.

Leaving aside severe dislocations of the vertebrae requiring surgery, conventional medicine offers no treatment to correct the misalignment of the first cervical vertebra.

Chronic complaints after whiplash trauma and recurring migraine attacks or headaches find a simple, logical explanation in the Atlas misalignment. Correction of this problem offers a real, lasting solution without being forced to take drugs continuously with the ensuing side effects.

In addition, correction of the Atlas vertebra is the ideal method to improve posture, thus preventing postural defects such as functional short leg, pelvic obliquity, hyperlordosis ,hollow back, kyphosis,functional scoliosis, loss of the cervical lordosis.