Body Mind Healing | Energetical House Cleaning
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Home & Land Energy Clearing


Do you suspect bad energy left over from previous owners?

Do you have inklings of spirits or attached entities?

Do you think unpleasant events long ago might have left a psychic stain?

Typical experiences that indicate need for clearing:

A feeling that you’d rather not go in your own house or work place.

Animals acting out of sorts? Change in behavior? Especially cats.

Electrical oddities – alarms, lights go on or off.

Unexplained sounds in the night – walking, music, voices, knocking?

Objects disappearing, perhaps reappearing someplace else?

Moods that only occur in a certain room, or at certain times of the day?

Machines, especially computers, acting funny?

Run of bad luck, accidents, vandalism or theft?

Ant and wasp nests?

House Stuck on the Market?

Cycle of arguing or conflict at home — or work?

Children afraid and/or insisting there’s something there, but you don’t notice anything?

Poor sleep, constant fatigue or illness.

               The above phenomena reflect disturbances in the energy flow. 

When I clear the causes, the space feels better.   It feels more protective and much more


The negative energies are gone. Many or most of the above symptoms disappear.