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My name is Tamara Doloechanova (Dolukhanova)

It is a psychotherapeutic flow that handles the human being as a whole in its context.viber image

It is an active method that teaches you step by step to connect to you true self and helps to recover within very short time (1-6 hours).

I consider an Integrative therapy as a combination of many well-functioning forms of therapy, all very short-term recovery which offer people the desirable status.

I have experience in working with very different symptoms and problems such as:

stress, burn out, personality disorders, behavioral disorders, psychosomatic complaints, depression, anxiety and panic symptoms, sexual abuse, posttraumatic stress, unresolved grief or other loss experiences, eating disorders, craving and compulsion symptoms, relationship and sexual problems, self-injurious behavior, lack of identity, “I weakness”,


You can expect lots of care and guidance in the form of a large number of techniques and methods for your treatment. I would like to offer you my experience and skills in combination of different training courses.

MY HEART, BRAIN, SPIRIT, SOUL and HANDS – are my main working tools.

                                                       My CV:

1. University (education / psychology) (the Soviet Union)

2. Worked in the psychiatric institution for children (the Soviet Union)

3. Academy of Poly-Energetic Therapy (alternative psychotherapy, High level, Amersfoort,NL)

4. Psycho-Social Knowledge. (High level,Utrecht,NL)

5. Basic medical subjects: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology (High level, Zeewolde,NL)

6. First Aid, CPR (BHV Netherlands, Utrecht,NL)

7. EMDR- Eye Desensitization and Reprocessing (taught by Alexander Bund,Lelystad,NL)

8. Communication skills (1998, ROC Flevoland,NL)

9. EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (2007, taught by MM Liew-On,Almere,NL)

10. TAT Tapas Acupressure Technique (2007, taught by MM Liew-On,Almere,NL)

11. TFT – Thought Field Therapy (The Callahan Techniques)

12. Matrix Energetics (taught by Richard Barlett,USA)

13. Whee-Wholistic Hybrid – deduced from EMDR and EFT(USA)

14. “Crying Breathing” to Jury Vilunas (taught by Jury Vilunas, St. Petersburg,Russia)

15. Seminars: V.M. Bronnikov method. Biocomputer (2007, taught by M.V. Bronnikov,NL)

16. M.S. Norbekov Training System (2006, Koln) (MS-Norbekov practical philosopher, professor of alternative medicine).

17. GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) Diagnostics (St. Petersburg). (K.Korotkov)

18. VEGA TEST (VRT) vegetative reflex test – docent: Igor Ogorodnik, Warschau

19. BRT – Bioresonance Therapy- docent: I.Ogorodnik, Warschau

20. Veda Pulse – docent: Leonid Doroshenko, Novosibirsk

21. Healing TAO (2006, taught by TAO Master Mantak Chia, Thailand).

22. EMF Balancing Technique (workshop) (Trust in Balance, Etten-Leur)

23. Therapeutic Cosmetics (VITA TRAINING Zeewolde BV)

24. CUPPING therapy (taught byWim Zewald, Arnhem)

25. DORN-Method Breus (taught by Jos Ties, The Hague / Sittard-Geleen , Belgium)

26. Singing bowls massage / therapy to Peter Hess (taught by Evelyn Namara ,Germany )

27. The Reconnection / Reconnective Healing (taught by Eric Pearl, USA)

28. MATRIX ENERGETICS, (docent Richard Barlett,USA)

29. Spiritual Healing (teachers Boris Son, Larisa Bunina, Moscow)

30. Spiritual / Intuitive Development (1997)

31. Esotericism: Tarot, Channeling (1997, teacher:  Leonard)

32. Reiki 1.2 (1997, Reiki Master Hans Spijker)

33. Biotensor course (2007, teacher Roel Nuijts)

34. Quantum Touch (lecturer: Gisela Blackman, Hans Schimmel)

35. Supercharging Quantum Touch (lecturer Denise Godfrey, Antwerp)

36. SRT, Spiritual Response Therapy (Advance Training Class) (Docent Carmen Pluciennik)

37. SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) (Class Review) (staff: Mary Ann Hamilton and Kathryn Detzler,USA)

38. SRT-Body’s work (instructor Carmen Pluciennik,NL)

39. Healing of deep trauma (shamanism) (by Dancing Thunder,NL)

40. Soul Retrieval Shamanic Soul Work (inaugurated by Inca Shaman Thurs Mariano, Peru)

41. Body Drum Release- docent: Peter Krijger, Amersfoort,NL

42. Quantum Entrainment (docent Frank Kinslow, USA)

43. Rebirthing (docent Saavdhana Lokker, BIVT)

44. Tuning Forks Therapy (Spirit Connection, Yudith)

45. Regenesis Healing  (Quantum Academy), (Huizen NL)

46. OSHO Dynamic Meditation (Veet Mano, USA)

47. Regenesis Healing (Quantum Academy), (Huizen NL)

48. Honing Massage (NL&St. Petersburg)

49. MINDFULNESS (Natalie Wilkers, BIVT, NL)